Terms & conditions

The activities and facilities such as described on our website, have been checked for normal functioning, but can be influenced e.g. by weather, local bylaws and busy periods out of season. Also take into account, that different individuals can interpret terms such as ‘beautiful’ and ‘spacious’ differently. Although we will do our best to make sure that camping facilities are open during the whole season, we cannot guarantee this. We can therefore not accept bookings under these terms. It is also possible that e.g. the weather is beyond our control, that certain facilities open later, close earlier or are temporarily not available than otherwise stated on the website. We do not accept bookings from youth upon request of the campsite owners. The by Ski Freak mentioned prices, shall stay unchanged in principle, unless there are any significant changes or we find any mistakes. We cannot guarantee that the by Ski Freak published information is suitable for the purpose that you use it for. All information, products and services will be offered in the way they are at the time without any (implicit) guarantee or warrantee concerning usefulness and soundness for a certain purpose or otherwise.

We have done our best to make sure that the information and listed prices on the website are accurate and based upon the most recent information available at the time of publication. Because the website and the pricelist contain a lot of details and are prepared months in advance, it is possible that in the meantime certain circumstances change, without Ski Freak having any influence upon or knowledge thereof. Obvious or apparent mistakes and errors are not binding to Ski Freak. Ski Freak is not responsible for the accuracy of pamphlet material or photos supplied by third parties.

Your Hosts
You will always be welcomed by one of the owners of Ski Freak. They will direct you to your mobile home or tent and shall explain the practicalities. One of the owners will call on you within a couple of days to make sure that everything is up to expectation. This is also the time that any questions or queries concerning the area and activities will be answered. The owners of Ski Freak are always on call during your stay. May the circumstance arise then one of the owners will be on site within the hour.

1. Definitions
1.1. In these terms and conditions we use three definitions:
a. Ski Freak who, in executing their business, in their own name, offer organised accommodation to the public;
b. contract: The contract wherein Ski Freak commits itself to provide the offered, in advance organized, accommodation to the counter party;
c. traveller: the counter party of Ski Freak.
1.2. These terms and conditions apply to all contracts wherein Ski Freak is party.

2. General contract content
2.1. The contract exists after acceptance by the traveller of the offer from Ski Freak. Your acceptance is direct and without a third party.
2.2. The offer from Ski Freak is without engagement and can be recalled if necessary. Recalling needs to happen as soon as possible after acceptance.
2.3. The traveller shall supply the necessary details concerning himself and the (eventual) other traveller(s) before closing the contract with Ski Freak.
2.4. He who books on behalf of or for a third party, is liable.
2.5. In case the agreed accommodation is published on the website of Ski Freak, then the published details are also part of the contract. All information on the website is updated regularly. Obvious mistakes on the website are not binding to Ski Freak.
2.6. Ski Freak holds no responsibility for photos, leaflets and other information published by third parties.

3 The reservation
3.1. The accommodation is based upon one family traveling with one car. If this is not the case then you are expected to mention this at the time booking. Ski Freak holds the right to refuse otherwise, especially groups of youth.
3.2. The maximum amount of people per booking is six for a tent and six for the mobile homes (however maximal four adults per tent or mobile home), unless mentioned otherwise.
3.3. The booking is for at least a week or in multiples hereof. (From Saturday to Saturday)
3.4. The booking of beach-packs, game-packs, baby-packs and bicycles has to be within the same period as that of the tent/mobile home.
3.5. Booked transfers are only valid on the day of arrival and of departure from the rented accommodation.

4. The prices
4.1. The published prices are per tent or mobile home. Facilities and services published on the website are included.
4.2. The published prices are based upon the costs, taxes, dues and fees, as known to Ski Freak at the time of publishing our website. Important changes in between will be implemented as soon as possible.

5. Payment
5.1. The down payment amounts to 20% of the total price. The down payment must be paid to Ski Freak within a fortnight of receiving your booking voucher and invoice. The remaining amount needs to be paid in full within six weeks before departure. Bookings within eight weeks of departure need to be paid in full directly after receiving the booking voucher and invoice.
5.2. If not paid on time Ski Freak holds the right to cancel the booking, in which case the booker will be held responsible for the cancellation fee.
5.3. In case of arriving later or departing earlier than booked, no refund will be paid.

6. Changes made by the traveller
6.1. If after our contract is formed you would like to make any amendments to your booking you can contact us to see if your request can be accommodated. Note that any amendment is subject to our acceptance and should be made 28 days before departure. Any extra costs have to be made in accordance with article 5.
All amendments will be subject to a € 25 amendment fee.
6.2. Your request shall be handled as soon as possible. Refusal shall be explained.
The traveller can uphold and/or cancel the original contract. In the last case article 7 applies. If the traveller does not respond to our refusal the original contract holds.
6.3. Changes are generally not possible after 28 days before arrival. All amendments will be subject to a € 25 amendment fee.
6.4. Changes during your stay are subject to a € 25 amendment fee as are the costs made by upgrading your accommodation. Changes during your stay are always non refundable.

7. Cancellation by the traveller
7.1. When a booking is cancelled a cancellation fee will apply.
a. Cancellation between 10 days after the confirmation date and 42 days before the day of arrival: the deposit;
b. Cancellation from the 42nd day (inclusive) until the 28th day before the day of arrival: 35% of the invoice;
c. Cancellation from the 28th day (inclusive) until the 21st day before the day of arrival: 40% of the invoice;
d. Cancellation from the 21st day (inclusive) until the 14th day before the day of arrival: 50% of the invoice;
e. Cancellation from the 14th day (inclusive) until the 5th day before the day of arrival: 75% of the invoice;
f. Cancellation from the 5th day (inclusive) until the day of arrival: 90% of the invoice;
g. Cancellation on the day of arrival or later: the total invoice.
7.2. Cancellation by the traveller should always be in writing.
7.3 The charges shown above may be recoverable by you under your travel insurance policy.

8. Changes, possible cancellations by Ski Freak
8.1. Ski Freak may change or cancel the booking when circumstances beyond our control are of such a nature that it is unreasonable and/or impossible to fulfill our obligation to the booking. Changes or cancellations will always be explained and in writing. When the traveller is the cause of the cancellation then costs to the traveller will apply.
8.2. Ski Freak shall offer an alternative within 72 hours (three workdays). The traveller may accept or decline the offer. When the traveller is the cause of the cancellation then Ski Freak is not obligated to do so.
8.3. The alternative offer shall be at least of the same quality. Different individuals can interpret ‘Same quality’ differently.
8.4. Ski Freak may change minor details to the booking when circumstances beyond our control arise. The traveller will be informed immediately.
8.5. In the case that one of the preceding articles may arise the traveller is expected to confirm within three workdays on the alternative offer if not accepted. If not accepted Ski Freak has the right to cancel the booking immediately.
8.6. We accept responsibility for any changes due to our own negligence. When these changes take place after six weeks before arrival and the traveller suffers damages, Ski Freak shall compensate. Maximal 20% of the invoice is refundable depending upon the time of change and consequences for the traveller.
8.7. If changes are necessary after arrival then Ski Freak will make sure you can continue your stay in alternative accommodation.

9. Liability and Force Majeure
9.1. We accept responsibility for the services we agree to provide as part of our contract. However we will not accept responsibility for any circumstances listed in articles 8, 10, 11 and 12.
9.2. If not happy with the services provided then the traveller is expected to let Ski Freak know as soon as possible.
9.3. In case the holiday does not go according to contract then Ski Freak will pay damages unless the failure(s) are not attributable to her, or the people with whom we work, because:
a. the failure(s) is/are attributable to the traveller; or
b. the failure(s) was/were unforeseeable or could not be stopped in time or were attributable to third parties not under contract with Ski Freak; or
c. the failure(s) is/are caused by Force Majeure as meant in section 4 of this article.
9.4. The expression “Force Majeure” shall mean and include any circumstances or occurrences beyond Ski Freak’s reasonable control.
9.5. Taking part in activities organised by employees of Ski Freak or the campsite are at own risk.

10. Help and assistance
10.1. Ski Freak is obligated, should the circumstance arise, to offer help and assistance to the traveller when things do not go according to contract. The resulting costs are for Ski Freak, unless the failure(s) is/are listed as under section 3 of article 9. In case the traveller is responsible for the cause then Ski Freak is only obligated to give help and assistance within reason. In that case the costs are for the traveller.

11. Exceptions and restrictions liability Ski Freak
11.1. When Ski Freak on grounds of art. 9 is responsible for damages suffered by the traveller, its responsibility shall be restricted by international law. Ski Freak will not pay any damages which can be claimed from travel- and/or cancellation insurance.
11.2. If Ski Freak is responsible for lack of holiday pleasure the refund shall never exceed the amount of the total on the invoice.
11.3. The exceptions and restrictions of the liability of Ski Freak in this article apply to employees of Ski Freak and third parties including their employees, unless exempted by a treaty or law.

12. Obligations of the traveller
12.1. The traveller(s) is/are responsible to follow instructions given by Ski Freak and must abide by rules issued by the campsite management. The traveller(s) is/are responsible for damages caused by his/their misbehaviour.
If we (or another person in authority) believe your actions could upset others or put them in danger, or damage property, we may end your holiday. If this happens we will not pay compensation or meet any expenses you incur as a result.

13. Complaints
13.1. It is Ski Freak’s intention to fulfill the contract as published on the website. If Ski Freak falls short of this in the traveller’s opinion, Ski Freak shall seek a satisfactory solution for the traveller.
13.2. If a complaint is not resolved to the satisfaction of the traveller he/she, can send a written complaint to Ski Freak preferably within a month of the departure date.
13.3. Every claim expires one year after the holiday ends.

Ski Freak can use the address of the traveller for direct marketing ends of her own organisation or that of sister-organisations, unless the traveller objects.