FONT ROMEU/PYRENEES 2000 (1600 - 2200)

These Catalonian ski villages are very different. Font Romeu was in existence since roman times and Pyrenees 2000 dates from the 70’s. Together they form one ski resort. A ski holiday in Font Romeu and Pyrenees 2000 is without a doubt a unique experience. The Mediterranean sun, the famous Catalan kitchen and the fantastic views make this destination more than just an undiscovered top location.

The ski resorts of Font Romeu and Pyrenees 2000 are interconnected and as a result offer 23 ski lifts with more than 40 ski slopes. Of course with a ski pass. With more than 500 snow canons 80% of the whole ski terrain can be artificially covered and therefore offer a ski guarantee from the 2nd half of December through to the end of March.

The piste maintenance service offer, with the most modern techniques available, top quality snow on the ski slopes every morning a ski holiday in the ski village resorts of Font Romeu/Pyrenees 2000 is without a doubt a special Mediterranean experience.

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